AVA Virtual Agent

AVA Virtual Agent Technology

Your personal sales assistant that engages every lead, 24/7/365, and never calls in sick

AVA is a robot.  But your prospects will never know it.  With AVA’s military grade artificial intelligence technology, every customer receives best-in-class service, genuinely believing they are communicating with one of your customer service agents.  And because she’s a robot, she works relentlessly for you–day and night–more than even your best employees or automotive BDC could do.

AVA’s superior ability to contact and communicate with customers allows her to quickly identify and “bubble-up” your hottest prospects, set the right expectations and pass them directly to your sales team to close the sales.

Our virtual sales assistant fosters real conversations
to discover your most qualified sales opportunities

  • Works EVERY BLUESKY LEAD systematically–Boosts Marketing ROI

  • Increases number of leads contacted, appointment percentage and show rates

  • Applies A.I. Technology to foster real-conversations and “bubble-up” your hottest prospects

  • Validates the buying intent, updates time to reach, phones #s, email addresses

  • Delivers the “warm hand-off” to your sales staff and alerts via text message

  • Integrated to Pipeline CRM for real-time status for every customer

  • Re-engages leads to learn about their experience – improves CSI

“We have AVA working 700+ leads per month at our various dealer locations. I have seen a measurable increase in sales conversions and I credit it all to this technology. I highly recommend this product”

Rich Gaul, General Manager Douglas Motor Company

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