RealLeads Quality Guarantee

Every Lead is Backed by blueSky's 100% Quality Guarantee

Our award-winning Real Leads™ deliver in-market customers, and superior customer service for your dealership. That’s why we back every RealLead™ you purchase with the most comprehensive Lead Quality Guarantee in the business.

What’s more, if you find that a lead does not meet our strict quality standards, simply return it using our Automated Lead Return System. Once returned, our Lead Quality Team will contact the applicant right away to verify your concerns. Invalid leads are replaced with valid leads – at no additional charge. It’s really that simple.

RealLeads Quality Guarantee

  • Customers Applied for Auto Financing, No Bogus Leads
  • No Personal Loans, No Refinance, No Private Party Loans
  • At Least One Valid Phone Number Provided
  • Lead Originated from Within Dealers’ Specified Territory
  • Has Not Already Purchased a Vehicle (Within Last 30 Days)
  • Has Not Re-Applied with blueSky Within a 30 Day Period
  • Stated Applicant Income Meets or Exceeds Dealers’ Specified Minimum Income
  • Leads are Submitted for Credit Via Our Simple “One-Click” Return System

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