I have tried all of the special finance lead providers in the market and NO ONE compares to blueSky – NO ONE. I can count on blueSky to deliver quality leads and great service. blueSky has really set the standard – no other special finance lead providers even compare to them.

Matthew WeberInternet Sales Manager, Savage Kia & Pre-Owned Supercenter

Since signing up for blueSky’s RealLeads program, my take-home paycheck has grown to over $250,000/year. I can confidently say blueSky was a big part of that growth and has helped us become one of the top dealerships on the East Coast. I regularly close 20% or more on my blueSky leads, between 20-30 deals/mo. I love when I get a text message from blueSky saying another lead has placed, because I know I’m about to make some money! blueSky has been a financial blessing for me and my family.

Herb “Champ” Williams Koons Automotive of Woodbridge

I have been doing special finance for 8 years and have used many lead providers in this business. I partnered with blueSky and immediately noticed the difference in conversions. I canceled all other lead providers and solely use blueSky’s Real Leads for all of my special finance Internet leads – direct mail too! I consistently deliver 40 to 50 cars per month and gross between $85,000 to $120,000 per month. No other companies lead programs compare to blueSky’s.

Tim DementSpecial Finance Director, Bakersfield Mazda
blueSky Marketing provides auto dealerships an award-winning suite of customer acquisition and sales conversion products that produce incremental vehicle sales and higher gross profits without significant change to dealers existing infrastructure.
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