BlueSky Marketing Group and Participating Auto Dealerships Enjoying Success with Automated Virtual Agent “AVA” Technology

BlueSky Marketing Group and Participating Auto Dealerships Enjoying Success with Automated Virtual Agent “AVA” Technology

BlueSky Marketing Group and Participating Auto Dealerships Enjoying Success with Automated Virtual Agent “AVA” Technology

BlueSky Marketing Group, an automotive marketing and automotive leads provider announces the success of their new AVA technology at premier auto dealerships.

(San Ramon, CA) April 28, 2010 – BlueSky Marketing Group, an automotive marketing, new car purchase and subprime auto leads provider announced today that it has successfully completed its launch of revolutionary Automated Virtual Agent (AVA) Technology developed by

AVA utilizes artificial intelligence to automatically engage and communicate with leads, based on proven metrics and best-practices from top-performing dealerships and BDCs. AVA technology has proven to be instrumental throughout the entire process of working a lead, improving the timeliness and quality of communications, contact and appointment rates and ultimately increasing sales conversions and customer satisfaction.

When automotive leads arrive, AVA takes action. The initial contact validates a prospect’s e-mail address and verifies their intent to purchase. Once a lead is validated, AVA “bubbles-up” the hottest prospects and sets phone appointments for dealership sales personnel. All communications from AVA are timely and consistent, with a professional, friendly tone resulting in a positive working relationship between the dealer and potential customer – all without any human intervention. Through BlueSky’s online Activity Dashboard, dealers are able to view all customer communications, see real-time status updates and receive e-mail / text notifications of phone appointments set by AVA.

“AVA is the perfect employee” said Brian Hall, President of BlueSky Marketing, “it never calls in sick, is never late and never takes a break—it’s a commitment to working car leads without getting discouraged or pre-judging a potential customer’s ability or willingness to purchase a car. I’ve seen hundreds of customer interactions with AVA and have yet to find one person that reacted negatively to AVA’s service or communications.”

According to Rich Gaul, General Manager of Douglas Motor Company, “I first began using the AVA technology in the fall of 2009. Our dealership receives on average 700 leads per month from 5 lead providers, plus leads generated from our own website. AVA consistently engages about 50% of my leads and schedules phone appointments with approximately 30%. I’ve seen a measurable increase in sales conversions and I credit all of that to AVA. The activity dashboard is extremely user friendly and allows our people to quickly identify the “hottest” prospects. I highly recommend this product.”

Proving their leadership in delivering quality new car leads, BlueSky Marketing Group includes AVA technology at no-cost with their Real Leads new car lead program. In response to several dealer requests, AVA has now been made available as a stand-alone service to validate and engage all dealer leads, including 3rd party new & used automotive leads, special finance leads and leads generated from dealer owned websites.

About BlueSky Marketing Group, Inc.
BlueSky Marketing Group is a nationally recognized lead generation and car sales leads provider that offers a full suite of new customer acquisition and sales conversion products for its participating automotive dealers. BlueSky Companies, Inc. is the parent company for BlueSky Marketing Group, Inc., an automotive marketing and lead generation company, and BlueSky Financial Services, Inc., a nationally licensed auto finance company.

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