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Facebook Marketing Strategies for Auto Dealers and Auto Dealer Facebook Pages.

Welcome! The decision you made to learn more about the world of social networking is your first step toward connecting your dealership to millions of fans and potential customers. As a businessperson, you need to be where your customers are, and your customers are on Facebook. The following introduction to the blueSky Marketing’s SocialLink will assist you in creating the maximum results from your Dealerhip Facebook Pages.

As social media marketing expands, it is becoming increasingly important for brands of all types to not only have a Facebook page, but to also secure a branded Facebook domain and ensure their Facebook page maximizes its fan base in as many ways as possible.  This is all the more important for the automobile industry, especially auto dealers, since there are a significant amount of potential customers that use Facebook to gather information about auto dealers that contribute to the decision to purchase and/or service their car with you.  Consider social networking as today’s “word-of-mouth” advertising, where friends tell their network of friends about their experiences, ask for advice and recommend products and services. 

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If you closely manage it, your facebook presence will become an important and effective strategy for marketing your dealership.  Not only does it build a core customer base in which to market, but it also provides you invaluable feedback directly from the mouths of your former and potential customers -- so you’ll quickly see your strengths and weaknesses.  It also enables you to communicate and create relationships with customers in an informal, friendly setting, which is unique to Facebook.

There are Important Techniques you can use to boost your Dealership presence on Facebook and give yourself the best chance of recruiting a large network of followers.  It is our commitment at blueSky to share these techniques with on an on going basis.

Here are the Top 3 ways to put your dealership on the right track on Facebook.

1) Populate with current, relevant, interesting content

First, you need to carefully think about what would garner attention and add value for your fans. This could be anything related to your dealership or the industry in general, information that would be useful, interesting or just funny – get creative. Ideally the content would be good enough to encourage people to share with other friends and initiate networking. The better the content, the more fans you’ll get onto your page.

As a word of caution, using your page to spam or to send an automated news update, such as a Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed will not maintain fan interest. This avenue may initially seem to be easier, but has been proven to be unproductive.  The only effect this will have is to disinterest your fan base.  No one wants their wall consumed with irrelevant, “spammy” marketing promotions.  Fans truly enjoy interesting, organically updated content that is current and fun to read.

2) Continuously update your Dealership Page, but not too often

You need to ensure that there is not only good content on your page, but that the content is frequently updated. The idea is to get fans visiting your page habitually, inducing them to look at new content, commenting and interacting with your page.

On the other side of the coin, pages that are updated too often run the risk of annoying fans by clogging up their wall, even if the content is good enough to be included on the page. Therefore a balance needs to be found, updating about 2-3 times per week is best.

3) Participate in the conversation
So, you’ve got a healthy stream of people coming to your page and posting up comments, thoughts and questions. Now what? To take your fan page to another level, respond to them. Facebook users love it when a dealership engages with its customers.  Communication is what social networking is all about and this method of interaction gives a modern, real and more human feel to the dealership.

It builds trust, and encourages people to visit your page regularly invite their own friends to became fans of yours and ultimately buy from you when the purchase decision is made. Questions can be answered, criticisms can be responded to and dealership news can be mentioned.  Customers CAN tell and DO appreciate that you care, are listening and are helpful.

There are many more tips that can be employed to push your Facebook presence into an auto lead and sales generating machine.  blueSky will be sending you regular updates on the latest methods and tactics that top brands and social networking experts are utilizing to drive auto leads and car sales.  Your Facebook page, although requiring a little extra effort and a slight change in thinking on your part, is a powerful, direct gateway to your customers. Social Networking has changed the game and created the most powerful branding vehicle ever possible for your dealership.  Use it wisely and become the prudent benefactor of future sales, service and referral business for years to come. 

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